Your immune system serves as your body’s main shield against any disease-causing microorganisms. It’s responsible for battling against foreign bodies 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Arthritis & Joint Care

Arthritis is a very common condition in which results in inflammation and pain in the joints. It’s also commonly known as the deterioration of the cartilage between the joints and affects around 10 million people in the UK. It’s caused by the degeneration of fluid in your joints, causing chronic inflammation.


Wellbeing is a term which covers a huge range of areas. As well as health, there are of course many factors that influence wellbeing such as spiritual or religious beliefs, work, stress, relationships, your social life, and finances.

Men's Health

Our Men’s Health products are especially formulated and tailored for men’s vitality and health. From supporting prostate health to helping to boost the feeling of vitality, we’ve a range for you.

Women's Health

Our Women’s Health products are developed to support the changing female form through life with ingredients selected for women’s health, vitality and hormonal balance to help keep you healthy and happy.

Weight Management

Meet your personal weight management or fat loss goals with carefully formulated slimming products targeting fat loss.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY about Add Extra Years Natural Health Solutions …

I’m a retired teacher and was very skeptical about natural health supplements and only tried using turmeric when a friend recommended it to me. I came across the Add Extra Years website and thought I’d try their patches, I have to say they work very well and are so easy to use.

Jude Bonser, Telford.

I’m a builder and I was in agony with my knees until I discovered Add Extra Years patches, now I just pop a new patch on every morning and all the pain has gone. I’d recommend them to anyone, and all for £1 a day.

Mick Birmingham, Kidlington

I found the information in the immunity self-help guide really useful. I started using the patches a few weeks ago and I’ve not had a cold or any bugs since, I feel great.

Gary Davies, London.

I do a lot of shooting and it’s taken its toll on my shoulder over the years. I thought I was going to have to give it up until I tried the Add Extra Years patches, now the stiffness and the pain has gone.

Jerry Varney, Banbury.

My job is really stressful, and I found that all the pressure was getting me down a bit. A friend told me about the CBD patches, so I thought I’d give them a go. I can’t recommend them enough, they really help me to relax, I feel like a different person.

Amanda Lloyd, Bristol.